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TI-Freakware's tutorials - TI-83+
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TI-BASIC tutorials are available to read online here: http://tifreakware.calcgames.org/tutorials/83p/b/tifw/

The tutorials start you out as a person who knows nothing about their calculator (generally called a n00b, in a good way ) and walks you though the basic commands on how to make games.

Currently, I am rewriting the lessons, though all lessons are available. Lessons 1 and 2 have been rewritten, with lesson 3 so close to being done it is maddening. >.<

The tutorials will also be offered in Dutch, French, and German, for those that do not read/speak the English language as your native tongue.

I shall endeavor to post updates as they happen here, though I am sure I will forget sometimes...
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BlueCrimson Ti Calculator Forum    Ti Community Forum    Ti-82 Series  ›  TI-Freakware's tutorials - TI-83+

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