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Graphing Calculator for Computer Engineering
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November 21, 2010, 10:37pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator
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Graphing Calculator for Computer Engineering
Hi, what Graphing Calculator would be good for Computer Engineering? In reality is more of a mix of Computer Science and Computer Engineering, for example the program includes lots of algorithms and artificial intelligence.

The choices are:
-TI-Nspire CAS
The best display and hardware. Lacks 3D Graphing, Graphing Differential Equations, Engineering Apps (like ME*Pro) and Symbolic Math Guide (SMG) and TI-Nspire’s programming capabilities are not as robust as the TI-89… yet. But all of these will probably be solved since Nspire Models are now opened to Third-Party Development, or even by an update of the OS by TI.
Also is it true that the TI-Nspire CAS doesn't give exact values (square roots are always returned as decimals rather than simplified)?

-TI-89 Titanium
The TI-89 Titanium have what the TI-Nspire CAS lacks.

-Casio PRIZM fx-CG10 (Release in January)
Would the PRIZM fx-CG10 have most of the functions of the ClassPad 330? Should I wait for this one? Anyone have some information about this one.

-Casio ClassPad330
Comes with a stylus. The ClassPad 330 comes with all the functions of the ClassPad 300 including an impressive collection of applications that support self-study, like 3D Graphing, Geometry, eActivity for creating discovery based lessons and lots more. Additional features of the ClassPad 330 include upgraded CAS Technology and Geometry Application, new AP Statistics functionality, and three new applications: Differential Equation Graph, Financial and Probability.

-HP 50g Graphing Calculator
The ability to expand memory in the SD card slot, 3D Graphing, Laplace transforms which are the basis for solving many engineering problems, Fourier transforms, and special functions such as the one required for determining a factorial value for non-integers. Also programming in RPL.

So I would like to hear suggestions, difference between them, what things one have that the others don’t, etc. Also if you could provide good online stores, to purchase any of these calculators at good prices, since I’m from Venezuela and the access to foreign currency is limited here, so every penny is worth a lot. Maybe even physical retailers as long as they’re something like BestBuy, Walmart, etc because a cousin of mine is bringing the calculator from the US.
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November 30, 2010, 2:20am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

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Personally, I'd go with the Ti-89 titanium. or if you can find one, a Voyage 200 (which uses the same OS but has a larger screen and qwerty keyboard, but keep in mind that most standardized tests don't let you use this calc). it's got a solid base of CE users and has a lot of programs to supplement it.

Don't know much about HP but just about any HP you can't go wrong with CE wise. They do have a much steeper learning curve vs the other brands, but they are good once you learn them. It would be my second choice if you can't get an Ti calc (or if the only Ti you can get is an nspire).

In the Casio line, the classpad is probably the best, although I'll admit I don't know much about them either. the Prizm is too new to know anything about it, but other than the screen it doesn't look much different than their fx9860 offering.

Nspire (either version) is crap. Or at least it is right now unless Ti does something to radically change that, and by that I mean, make it at least feature complete with the 89. Its a perfect example of high powered hardware hindered by crap software. If it at least had hardware supported Ti-89 emulation it would have been useful, but since Ti refuses to let the 20 year old Ti-82/83/84 OS die while killing off the Ti-85/86 OS and all but killing off the Ti-89/92/v200 OS, it only emulates the Ti-84. badly. As for third party dev, I wouldn't rely on it especially since its hacked in and TI is doing everything they can to stop it.  Again that may change but you'll probably be out of college by then.

Basically, my calc rating from highest to lowest is this:

Ti-92/Voyage 200
Ti-85/86 (discontinued)
Ti-82/83/84 Series
Ti-80 (discontinued)
Ti-81 (discontinued)
HP 48/49/50 series
Casio Classpad 300
Casio Prizm
Any Other Casio I'm missing

Also keep in mind that the above is Ti biased, since that it what I know, but at Least I hope that helps you out.

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