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September 2023

  The Ti-Basic Webring is Dead. April 26, 2012, 9:59pm
Author: fryedsoft
You'll probably notice that the site is loading much faster today. It's because the Webring code that had been on the bottom of this site as well as my previous site for over a decade now has been permanently removed from the footer. Why You ask? because Webring has decided to add unnecessary scripts and popups to their Webring member sites, and I have a serious problem with Useless linkbar scripts being run on my site.

So you're probably asking why I didn't just remove the linkbar since I'm the administrator of the Ti-basic Webring? Well, That the best part. Apparently since I didn't log into the Webring.org site within two months, (primarily due to lack of people registering to the Webring. Go Figure.) Webring decided to relinquish my administration of the webring. Supposedly they send an e-mail before they do this but I never got one. (and my spam filter logs every mail I got in the past 3 months, and it didn't get one either) Since I no longer control it, and since the Current owner or group (my guess a webring.org holding group) seems to be more concerned with collecting rings than administrating them, I came to the conclusion that it is not safe to continue using the service and removed all my sites as well as my account from webring.org.

Whats that mean for the Ti-Basic webring itself? It's zombified if the current settings I had on are in place. If you have a site in the ring I would highly suggest deleting the ring from your webring list just in case a spammer gets in the ring and users of your site get infected with viruses when they try to traverse the webring. If you were thinking of joining this ring. I'm sorry, but I'd suggest looking for another active Ti related webring.
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  Forum Spam and Cleaning. July 19, 2011, 6:17pm
Author: fryedsoft
Over the past couple of weeks I've been catching spam here and there on the forum. Luckily, it's been at a manageable state so it's been easy to handle, but it is annoying to say the least. especially since it fills the userlist with a ton of members that never post. (or can't due to the IP bans in place). So some cleanup has been done to the board.

As of Today, anyone that had a post count of 0 has been deleted. If you ever posted on this board you should have no problem but if you registered and never posted, most likely you'll have to create a new account. I also have other options to handle spam volume, but as of today I don't really see a need to start using them. That will probably change over time however.

As for the spam, I'm just handling them as I see them. If I deem the post or user to be spam by content and an IP or email listing at http://www.stopforumspam.com/ , I delete the post, delete the account and ban the IP range. The spam I'm seeing tends to ask a question and then either posts a sig or has spam links involving console accessories in the body of the question. I would suggest not doing that if you want you're account to be active here.
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  Bubblegum Crisis 89' gets a Reboot October 11, 2009, 3:52am
Author: hiryu
After going back and playing some of my older games - I come to realize that BGC89 deserves a reboot - or at least a graphic/gameplay update. So between the times of working on Landel - I will be working on the BGC89 version 2 project.

Also since the Bubblegum Crisis movie announcement a couple months back - I've been revamped with the BGC universe & just had to pay tribute to one of my favorite animes. Expect more posts with updates on BGC89 or check the Landel thread to see whats going on.

**Edit** Removed the preview pics from this old update as the screenshots within the update thread shows all the current & correct pictures.
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  Project "Legends of Landel" September 21, 2009, 2:08am
Author: hiryu
Sept 21--
Currently in the early development stages - we have begin the process of structuring what needs to be done. I know we have gone through this speech before on how we are working on something and nothing ever is produced. Hopefully with a little bit of effort and "hell week" is finished up for Fryedsoft (If you must know - ask him what "hell week" is) I must say I am really excited and have begun doing alot of the storyboard drawing. So far this has become a huge artwork project that I have taken on and in drawings alone is probably x10 the amount of pictures then any other game we have done and I am 'still' working on the pictures. After some discussion with Fryedsoft on the direction we would like to go and some personal decision making - I wanted to kind of emulate the story telling on how "Phantasy Star 4" did it. It won't be a matching copy but our own unique style which will still make the story worth it and hopefully with all the additions that we are planning for this should be a chart topper or at least a fan favorite. I will have some pics or hopefully a full working beta site for the game soon. Keep checking back here for more updates.

Sept 28--
Well I finished a couple more pictures and I figured it was time to post thumbnails of the storyline I have completed so far. This by no means is everything completed for the game. This section of pictures are just the story line pictures and this is still far from the intended amount that will be completed for the game.

Removed Preview - Check current posts for picture updates.
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  Fryedsoft on Twitter. June 4, 2009, 2:42am
Author: fryedsoft
Today, I decided to get a twitter account for the heck of it. If you want to see me not update another part of the web, you can go to http://www.twitter.com/fryedsoft and check it out.
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