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Posted by: tifreak8x, December 6, 2006, 5:52pm
I don't know if you all have seen my version of Pokemon yet, you can download the latest version here:

some screenshots:

That is of Pallet Town. There are more leading to Veridian, I believe it is called, but not all of it is complete. The buildings are not yet ready to be entered, that is one of the many things that I am working on for the next release.

Here are some other misc. screenshots:

Upcoming release items:

Enter into buildings in Pallet and Veridian.
Add maps through Pewter, at the very least, might add all the way to cave.
Add Pokedex system, with all Pokemon
Add dynamic item menu
Add pokemon Party menu (not entirely sure how to accomplish this yet ;))

I might add other things as I get to it, but for now, this is what I am shooting for.

Oh, did I mention that this game, save 2 asm programs, the Titlescreen, which was made in rigview, and prgmRESOURCE, which allows the use of the archive, is made entirely in BASIC??

As I get more info, I will post about it.

This game is only about 2-3% complete.

Edit: Here are some sprites for the Pokemon. They are stored in hex in a string and converted using the hex-2-sprite prog that weregoose severely optimized. :D

Pokemon #1 in color:

Pokemon #1 on calc:

Pokemon #2 in color:

Pokemon #2 on calc:

If you would like to see other screenshots:

What do you think? :) And suggestions?
Posted by: fryedsoft, December 6, 2006, 8:22pm; Reply: 1
It's been awile since I programmed the 83, but you can't execute anything that is archived? are variables at least accessable? I pretty much was given my 83, and all I ever really used it for was porting my 85 games over to it. I never really programmed anything fresh for it, since most of my time was spent on the 92/89 when I got it.

It does look good as an 83 basic game.
Posted by: tifreak8x, December 6, 2006, 8:25pm; Reply: 2
No, everything has to be run via RAM, which sucks because you only have 24k... Oh well, makes it more challenging to make a good game. :)

And thank you sir. I will make attempts to keep this topic up-to-date, since I have failed on other boards... >.<
Posted by: tifreak8x, December 7, 2006, 4:34am; Reply: 3
New screenshot ^_^

Please note 2 things:

There are no errors when being used on-calc.

The speed is fairly smooth on the 83+SE, which is what this game is being built on.
Posted by: tifreak8x, September 14, 2007, 5:45pm; Reply: 4
Umm... Wow, I think I might have forgotten to update here or something...  ::)

Anywho, 4way scrolling in basic rules:
Posted by: tifreak8x, October 17, 2007, 6:54pm; Reply: 5

Decided (a little while back) to make a screenshot of the game from start to the begining of the game. I have also decided to work on a french port of this side by side with the english version. More to come as it happens...
Posted by: tifreak8x, May 22, 2008, 2:59am; Reply: 6
Wow, I haven't posted here in a while. o.O

Anyways, was convinced to redo the sprites, I did, and saved another 8kb in size. :)

Now working on converting data to be put into the calc.
Posted by: fryedsoft, May 26, 2008, 4:31am; Reply: 7
Quoted from tifreak8x
Wow, I haven't posted here in a while. o.O

Yeah. It seems not too many people post anymore. :)

Is there an ETA on the game yet?

Posted by: tifreak8x, May 27, 2008, 4:40am; Reply: 8
A new playable demo in August, hopefully. This will give battles and such for people to play around with while I hammer out other aspects of the game.
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