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Posted by: fryedsoft, March 9, 2007, 8:42pm has a report about Ti's official Ti-Nspire site, located at Apparently, instead of one calculator, their releasing two. The Ti-Nspire and the Ti-Nspire CAS, which is the one I have info about.

One interesting thing about the Nspire is that it will have Ti-83 emulation via a removable keyboard. This means that the Nspire is programmable in this 83 mode, albeit as an 83. There is still no word if the Nspire supports Native Programming, or emulation of other calculators outside of the 83. The CAS calc does not offer emulation, most likely because the CAS software takes up the space that would be used for the 83 emulation, but this is a guess at best.

It also looks like they redesigned the keypad from the original graphics of the Calc I've seen, and have gone with what looks like a solid D-Pad system (similar to the 92) VS the arrow system the prototypes had. This was done to most likely utilize the cabri geometry system more efficiently. Speaking of the geometry, it is a lot more responsive than previous models. on my Ti-92, cabri was very slow, and would take awile to redraw and calculate changes. on the Ti-Nsipre, its almost instantaneous. You can definitely see a speed difference between the two calcs.

Anyway check it out on ti's website.
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