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Posted by: fryedsoft, April 26, 2012, 9:59pm
You'll probably notice that the site is loading much faster today. It's because the Webring code that had been on the bottom of this site as well as my previous site for over a decade now has been permanently removed from the footer. Why You ask? because Webring has decided to add unnecessary scripts and popups to their Webring member sites, and I have a serious problem with Useless linkbar scripts being run on my site.

So you're probably asking why I didn't just remove the linkbar since I'm the administrator of the Ti-basic Webring? Well, That the best part. Apparently since I didn't log into the site within two months, (primarily due to lack of people registering to the Webring. Go Figure.) Webring decided to relinquish my administration of the webring. Supposedly they send an e-mail before they do this but I never got one. (and my spam filter logs every mail I got in the past 3 months, and it didn't get one either) Since I no longer control it, and since the Current owner or group (my guess a holding group) seems to be more concerned with collecting rings than administrating them, I came to the conclusion that it is not safe to continue using the service and removed all my sites as well as my account from

Whats that mean for the Ti-Basic webring itself? It's zombified if the current settings I had on are in place. If you have a site in the ring I would highly suggest deleting the ring from your webring list just in case a spammer gets in the ring and users of your site get infected with viruses when they try to traverse the webring. If you were thinking of joining this ring. I'm sorry, but I'd suggest looking for another active Ti related webring.
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