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Posted by: 4 (Guest), December 24, 2006, 2:07am
I was wondering if some of you guys made music besides programming? On MC I know some ppl played guitar and on my IRC channel there is people who use Fruity loops sometimes, but i was wondering if there was people here too who did it as well? I recently made my way back to music making after downloading MTV music generator CD image for PSX emulator (I have the original CD but it broke 3 years ago), now I can make the music on the PC and record it with Audacity recording tool.

Here is one of my most recent (and only remaining :( ) work so far

It's a techno remix of Terra Theme from Final Fantasy VI.

I am wondering if anyone else was into music stuff as well (not necessarly programmed, but also playing instruments)?
Posted by: fryedsoft, December 25, 2006, 8:14pm; Reply: 1
I've done some experiments with some midi creators. nothing really great though. I like tracker music, but hate programming them.
Posted by: hiryu, December 30, 2006, 3:21pm; Reply: 2
I was a nerd so the only instruments I knew how to play was the B-flat Clarinet & the piano. I couldn't play either now since its been 15 years since i last touched an instrument. Music wise - never messed around with any of the editors. I have downloaded many remixes to the old video game backgrounds & themes when I first started on the internet. So I can say that I like 'most' game remixes... I'll download the one you have posted later & check it out.

Well I checked it out - I like it - can never go wrong with FF6 and some good old fashion techno remix. I remember playing that game way back when I was a kid - what a great game ^_^
Posted by: josephk, October 1, 2011, 10:30am; Reply: 3
Me! I am into making music though it is only related to auto tune music I create on my mixer app on the iPad.

I first got interested into making mix tapes joining a lot of pieces from different tracks. Then I transitioned into recording real band sounds and then layer each of them so that it would produce a pretty good sound.

I am next looking into creating good beats.
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