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Posted by: contra, September 27, 2011, 9:59am

The zcontest is a z80 programming contest.

There's 3 different categories :
- TI basic
- Basic extended (axe parser, bbc basic, fast rpl etc...)
- Asm

In each category, there's 2 sub categories :
- Utility
- Game

The deadline is the 1rst december.

### The prizes ###

2 TI84+

Thank you to our sponsor TSPromotion (
More information here : (french and english version)

### How to participate ###

You just had to submit your project on the official website before the first december.
You can also opened a dedicated subject in the Yaronet subforum :

(French and english spoken on Yaronet)

The most important thing is not competition but sharing knowledge, discussing and have feedback on your project.
And have fun Smile

But win a prize is always cool :D

No need to have a big project, little things are welcome.

I hope there will be some people interested :)

Good luck to everyone !

Thibault Duponchelle
Posted by: contra, November 14, 2011, 4:48pm; Reply: 1
Up !
Posted by: contra, December 1, 2011, 4:09pm; Reply: 2
Only  few hours left to post your projects :)
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