Well, this was mostly unexpected.

The forum software we used for over 17 years (E-Blah) was finally depreciated by a Perl update. Since it hasn't been maintained in over a decade, I decided to take it down and completely remove it rather than try to nurse it back to a working state.

Besides, Since I disabled new users also a decade ago due to spam infiltration, it was pretty much a dead board that was up for archival purposes only.

Speaking of archives, here's the copy of the old bluecrimson site. Since pretty much backed up the entire site anyway, I figured it would serve that purpose better and is probably safer at this point.

As for the other sites, there still here.

Fryed Software.

Nomad Software.

As for the main domain, not sure what I'm going to put here yet. It's not maintained enough right now for something active like a Wordpress or a forum especially since the modern active web is full of hack attacks and SQL Injections. It's actually a testament to E-blah's design, security and possibly obscurity that we weren't hacked sooner considering the lack of over a decade of maintenance. Also, I don't do web development. I mean I'm still using Visual Page in a Windows XP Virtual Machine to make this splash page and that's so dead it won't install in any modern 64 bit Windows because of it's 16 bit installer. At least this site is still dial-up and retro browser friendly.

Anyways, check back once in awile. There might be something new here eventually.